How to retrieve your data when the core files are compromised

How to retrieve your data when the core files are compromised

There are a multitude of problems that can easily occur during website building, which are difficult to predict. If you’re a WordPress user, even though you tried to avoid them, you’ve probably found yourself facing some difficulties at least once.  Maybe some of the following problems like impossible access to the Admin, compromised core files, white screen of death or not being able to log in for some reason, seem familiar to you. These problems can leave a permanent negative influence on your webpage if not resolved on time. Fortunately, the WordPress team has really thought of everything. With the plugin WP Reset and the Emergency recovery script, you will be able to reset and adjust your website in just a few clicks.

WP Reset

The WordPress Reset plugin gives you the ability to go back in time and correct your mistake in a matter of seconds. Even if you’re faced with a website glitch and the white screen of death or you haven’t been able to log into the WordPress Admin, WP Reset is here to help. By opening this recovery tool, you will be able to resolve your problem with only one click. Do you need your demo data cleaned? This plugin can help. If you want to start from scratch, you can just hit the Nuclear Reset button. With its Whitelabel Option you can easily secrete the license information or even the WebFactory’s logos, which are displayed within the plugin. It offers you the ability to create Collections containing your favorite plugins and themes. These you can install later, after resetting your webpage or creating a completely new one, thus saving you hours of work. WP Reset plugin also takes automatic Snapshots before making any significant changes on your webpage. You can then offload and store these Snapshots, as well as Collections to either the WP team controlled Cloud or other services such as Dropbox and Google Drive. WP Reset has put an emphasis both on easy accessibility and control. With its centralized management, you can find all your snapshots, licenses and collections in one place.


Emergency recovery script

This self-sufficient, single-file script written for WordPress is designed to recover a WordPress site and resolve any difficulties that you might face. This script can be used in one of two ways. You can have it ready on your website, which is recommended only in case of a test website. Another option is to upload the script only when or if needed. This alternative is reserved for live websites where significant changes are a rare occurrence.

Retrieve your data when the core files are compromised – step by step


  1. Install WP Reset
  2. Enable i.e. install Emergency recovery script
  3. Safely store the URL of the Emergency recovery script along with the password
  4. Load up your Emergency recovery script and enter the password
  5. Search for the section Core Files status for WP under the title Core Files (There you will find a list of your missing files and/or unknown files that shouldn’t be in you core folders.)
  6. You can reinstall these core files by clicking on the Reinstall All Core Files button and/or delete unknown files by clicking on the delete file.
  7. Wait for a moment, go back to the site and continue building your website where you left off



One thing is certain you should sleep on neither the WP Reset plugin nor the Emergency recovery script. These will provide you with quick and efficient solutions to your every great problem in just a few seconds and are definitely worthwhile, so if using a redirection plugin isn’t your preferred solution, everything can be cleaned and easily tidied with the WordPress Reset plugin.

Have you had any experience with WP Reset and the Emergency recovery script yet? Did this guide help you solve your problems regarding your website?